Baby Clydesdale Sees Mom Performing For A Show And Steals The Spotlight

We often avoid something unexpected happening on TV, news, and shows. However, sometimes, the appearance of an unexpected guest, like this baby Clydesdale for example, always sends everyone into laughter. Whenever cute animals interrupt a show, it seems like they always bring along some special gifts to win people’s hearts.

This little horse, however, didn’t want the spotlight of the show, it just stumbled into it! The adorable moment was captured in a viral video that has amassed over a million views on Youtube.

The clip starts with a team of Clydesdales running up and down a dirt field as the audience was watching them from above. The massive horses seemed to be very professional with their performance.

When the show was about to reach its climax, surprisingly, a cute baby Clydesdale showed up on the field. Finding itself surrounded by a cheering crowd, the little horse was a little confused, but his following actions clearly showed the motivation of this uninvited guest.

It turned out that one of the horses on the team was the foal’s mom, and he just wanted to join Mom and her friends. You can say that he didn’t want attention and didn’t want to impress anyone. But as can be seen, he absolutely stole the show and won people’s

The mother horse, on the other hand, didn’t have time for her baby. She continued to finish the performance. The video ended with the foal running around the arena and getting more attention.