Diby, a small Chihuahua that was saved, befriends Neiro, a big dog.

After observing a strange Mastif and Chihuahua couple, you are completely persuaded of the truth of this remark.

Neiro and Diby first met in a rescue facility. A Chihuahua was found on the street next to trash cans on January 27, 2016.

Diby weighed less than half a kilogram and had just been alive for a month. He was brought to the rescue facility after being found by bystanders. At the center’s shelter, Diby came upon the enormous Neiro, who weighs 56 kg and often consumes more than a chihuahua.

The director of the shelter, who had took care of Neiro, showed a sincere interest in all arrivals. These two become inseparable from one another rather quickly despite their disparities in weight and height, and they even play together.

In any event, he has a very bright future ahead of him despite a gloomy start to life. Diby now has a nice life thanks to Neiro and kindhearted individuals.