After losing their beloved owner, a sweet pig and pit bull find a forever home together

Jessica after facing the tragically untimely death of her neighbor, started caring for his dogs. They live in Ohio, US.

In the face of not being the best pet pair Penelope the pig and Ruby the dog were able to find a perfect home for them to live together. They were taking care of this animals when heir owner was abroad and they became very connected also because they were neighbors and they lived next doors.

Even that they do not belong to the same breed these creatures can get along pretty well. They love each others company very much and are very attached.

And Jessica always wanted a place where she could keep them together. She said that they are not even aware that they are dogs and pigs all they need to know is that they are sisters and that’s it.

They love being with each other and they feel really happy. And when she said that she wanted a place for them to be together there were lots of people who were ready to give it to them.

While Penelope gets along with every creature the dog is not getting along well with other dogs and cats so when finding a place this should be taken into consideration. However she cannot have any guarantees concerning to other pigs. We hope that they will find their loving home pretty soon.