А dog who served in a militarу service passed awaу because of сanсer

Cena was a serving dog that served as a bomb sniffing for already four and a half years.

He achieved a touching farewell for a true hero.For six months Lance Cpl.Jeffrey DeYoung and Cena have worked together in Afghanistan.

Their connection became so close. They were always with each other and helped one another in any situation.The man always defended the dog. He warmed him up on freezing days and took him over the river

And when the man’s seven best friends were lost for three weeks the dog cmforted and supported him.Even after DeYoung being discharged the dog continued his service for more than four years sniffing for a bomb.

After retiring in 2014 they starting living together. They lived side by side for almost 3 years.Sadly, he died after being diagnosed. He gave a new aim and sense to the life of DeYoung. He spread love and care everywhere.