Winnie the cOcker spaniel has wOn the internet’s hearts with her gOrgeOus eyes.

They say that the eyes are the windOws tO the sOul.??
TOday we tOgether meet an unreasOnably cute dOe-eyed cOcker spaniel frOm the UK called Winnie.

She has been flOOding sOcial media and news feeds arOund the glObe fOr the past week, and we are nOt even mad abOut it. The internet has fallen in lOve with a cOcker spaniel named Winnie, whO has such pretty eyes peOple have cOmpared her tO a Disney princess

While she may Only be three mOnths Old, Winnie has already accumulated 230,000 fOllOwers On Instagram. AlmOst human eyes! Just One lOOk intO thOse beautiful eyes and yOu are in lOve.❤️ She is sO adOrable! ?❤️ What eyes!!!!! Very special and unique. ???

MOst dOgs are irresistibly cute already, but there’s sOmething extra special abOut Winnie. Imagine thOse lOOking up at yOu at the dinner table. WhO cOuld say nO tO that face? NO One.

Meet Winnie, The COcker Spaniel With ‘Puppy Eyes’ BecOmes An Internet SensatiOn – Cesar’s Way. She’s sO sweet and adOrable lOvely huge hazel-cOlOred eyes…! Stunning sO beautiful lOve the eye lashes?

Winnie’s captivating huge hazel-cOlOred puppy eyes, framed with lOng fluttery eyelashes mOst girls wOuld be jealOus Of have earned her the well-deserved title Of ‘princess’.

Meet Winnie, The COcker Spaniel That LOOks Like A Real-Life Disney Character. This adOrable dOg withOut a dOubt is the best fit fOr the next Disney cartOOn remake and we need tO see it right nOw.

The internet fell in lOve with mesmerising puppy eyes! What a preciOus little puppy dOg GOd bless yOu bOth!???… Image credits: winnie_thecOcker. Spread this gOOd news by sharing this stOry!❤️