The rescuers found him in a very bad condition who had been tied up for more than 12 years

Unfortunately, these kind animals often meet such cruel and indifferent people who treat them badly.

This poor dog was in a very bad state, which was reported by calling Paws 4 Hope.
They received a call about a dog being tied up and left without food or water.

The volunteers who came to rescue the dog, found out that its owner had died about 5 years ago, and he was left with a man who neglected him, leaving him tied up all the time. The 13-year-old dog had a lot of health problems after staying in such conditions for so long.

He especially suffered from skin problems and bad teeth. It was also clear that he had not been bathed for a long time, as he was very dirty.

Fortunately, kind people found him in time and came to his rescue. The volunteers named the sweet dog Roger.

He was first taken to a nearby veterinarian and received medical treatment and care.

After he was cured and bathed, he was sent to live with a loving caregiver. He is still continuing his treatments and will soon be completely healthy.

Since the day he was saved, he has been completely transformed and now looks great thanks to these good people.