This Tiny Pօmeranian Gets Нer First Belly Rub and It’s the Сutest Thing Ever

Puppies are one of the greatest gifts man has ever received.

They are the softest little things, bringing joy to everyone from babies to college students stressing over finals to people entering their golden years.

Ever since the beginning of the internet, cute dog videos have been shared by thousands every single day. It doesn’t get much cuter than this latest one showing the cutest little 17-day-old Pomeranian puppy getting her first-ever belly rub!

Giving a dog a belly rub is one of the best ways we can reward man’s best friend for their constant companionship and loyalty. No one questions whether a dog is one of the family.

Esther Bench shared her little ball of fur Daffy getting her first belly rub, and it’s seriously the most adorable thing ever. She just can’t get enough of the attention and is definitely the princess of the family.

With so many dog videos blowing up on the internet every single day, you would think a short one like this would get lost in space. But few show such a tiny little puppy, just days old.

Dogs are only puppies for a short time, so it’s important to enjoy the little experiences like this one.