When they brought the wounded Cockatoo home, he and the dog formed an amazing friendship

From time to time each of us needs some helping hand in our lives. And that refers to our feathered and furry friends too.

One day this dog and his owner, while walking in the park, found a wounded cockatoo and decided to take him home.

They helped the parrot and decided to keep it. It turned out that one of the wings of the little bird was injured.

While the parrot, whome they named Cracker, was treated in a cage, Milo, the dog, had a special attitude towards the bird.

He sat next to the cage all the time,as if accompanying him. Happily bird’s wing soon improved, and it was time for him to fly to freedom and return to his normal life.

But the cockatoo showed no interest in flying, did not even try, even when the cage was kept open. It seemed that the parrot liked it very much and did not want to leave them.

One day the parrot decided to come out from the cage and roam around the house.

When the bird came out of his cage, the kind dog greeted him happily as if it was what he had been waiting for so long.

Cracker began to look at Milo who was wagging his tail excitedly. After that, this 2 became bestfriends. In spite of their huge differences, the sweet duo always play together.

They especially like to hug each other. Milo puts his big head on the tiny cracker, but realizes that he must be very careful.

He even shares his bed with his little friend. It seems they have always been together. So, one day after all this, happened something very shocking․ The parrot was gone.

Milo was unbearably broken, crying for 2weeks without leaving the side of empty cage. But then this is what happened.

One man posted on social media that they had found a cockatoo with a pink-colored breast. There was hope that it was their parrot.

So they went to make sure it was him. Of course it was their lovely friend Cracker.

Milo was so happy that her friend returned home. Everyone was so excited to see him again, especially Milo, who was so happy thay kept smiling all the time.

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