Cruel people cut off both of his ears then the car hit the poor baby, but fortunately kind volunteers came to the rescue

It is so sad when we come across such stories about animals that have been treated inhumanely.

These innocent creatures deserve only good and caring treatment.When staff arrived at the office, they learned that a dog had been run over in front of the building.

The person who ran him did not stop even for a moment and left him there alone. If he had not been rescued in time, he could have died.Fortunately, the staff noticed the baby in time and came to help.

When they took the baby to the clinic, they found out that the dog had been terribly abused and was already in a very bad condition.He was already disabled before the accident. Someone had cut off both of his ears. How awful, how can someone be so cruel ․․․ After so many disasters, the poor dog was finally found by kind people.

He is now called Lucky. Everyone here treats him very well and takes care of him. Despite all the cruelty he went through, the little dog still trusted people, realizing that they all loved him and helped him recover.

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