A lonely widow finds happiness once more with a big Saint Bernard dog

The death and unavailability of loved ones can cause loneliness in one’s life. Here, Sally is a widow who lost her husband 30 years ago. Her children are also scattered all over the country.

But joy has been brought back to Sally’s life. She made an unexpected lifelong friend when her neighbors took in a puppy. Their friendship changed everything. The puppy seemed to know that dear Sally needed him in her life.

Brody is an adorable Saint Bernard puppy that found his way to Sally’s yard. It didn’t take long for the two to bond. Since then, the two of them have become inseparable.

Brody came every day, and Sally was more than happy to care for the dog. If Brody disappeared, he was going to find Sally. The neighbors always knew where to look to find the beloved Brody.

The pup grew into a big dog. But this only caused the friendship between the old lady and the dog to strengthen. Sally always gave Brody plenty of snacks and treats.

“I spoiled you too much.” She says, “Ever since you were a little pup.”

But as Sally spoiled Brody, Brody helped Sally stay active, healthier, and happier. They would go on walks together and do things together. Most importantly, they enjoyed each other’s company.

Thanks to these friendly neighbors, Sally wasn’t alone anymore. This entire heart-warming story serves as a reminder of how far the little things in life can go.

“A friendship with a huge pooch can be the perfect medicine!”